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Skype Recorder. Cloud Storage.

Easy way to record Skype.
Simkl IM CVR is a perfect recording add-on for Skype.
Record Skype calls and chat history in the cloud.
   FREE for personal use!  
Free Call Recorder.
Powerful and easy-to-use tool for recording Skype voice conversations.
Free unlimited call recording as well as free instant messaging recording. Use Simkl IM CVR to record Skype-to-Skype / SkypeOut / SkypeIn / Skype Conference calls on your computer for free.

You can also backup and automatically upload your conversations into the Simkl cloud if you buy premium cloud storage. Free 14 day trial, then starting as low as $2 a month for the premium cloud storage. If you lose your computer your chat history will still be with you.

Sign up and you will have easy access to your IM conversations from any computer using our online history viewer located at
Simple to Use
Create your Simkl account and install IM Chat & Voice Recorder (IM CVR). That's all you need to do to start recording your IMs.

One click on Simkl icon in your tray will give you access to all your conversations from a web browser. Simple address to view your chat history online -
Access to your conversations from anywhere in the world
Easy access to your conversations through
Hide Tray Icon
For those who don't like clutter. You can make Simkl IM CVR icon invisible. Only keyboard shortcut "Windows+H" will work to open history.
Record Podcast Interviews
Turn interviews into podcasts using Simkl IM Chat & Voice Recorder. You can make Skype calls and record directly to MP3 for simplicity. Simkl IM CVR will save your chat and voice interviews online for future references.
Backup IM contacts and conversations
Backup all your IM contacts and conversations for situations when your PC crashes or when you forget your IM password. Wherever you go, you'll be able to find your contacts using a web browser or a mobile phone using Simkl WAP interface.
Secure Auto Log In Function
Simkl IM CVR can automatically log in to with your username and password. This function is extremely useful for those who don't like to input their login and password every time they log in. Your password will be stored on your PC encrypted by Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) which is also adopted as an encryption standard by the U.S. government.
Skype Recorder
Record Skype Voice Calls
Skype Recorder. Record Skype-to-Skype calls as well as SkypeOut and SkypeIn calls. Conference call recording is a great feature for your business conferences. It starts & stops recording calls automatically.

Recordings are saved in MP3 on your computer and automatically saved on You will have access to your recordings from any computer.
Record Skype History/Chat Logs
Simkl automatically saves all of your important IM conversations on a secured web server, the same way you save your e-mails.

Using Simkl IM CVR you can save text conversations from Skype.

Install IM Chat & Voice Recorder and you will have easy access to your IM conversations from any computer.
Full Text Search Capability
Search your chat history with ease. You can search for just one letter or a whole sentence. Your search results will appear in seconds. provides an innovative interactive search interface for your chat history.
Work on multiple computers and have combined history
We often work across several different computers. Chat history from a desktop, laptop and a work computer will be synced into one chat log without duplicates using this simple Skype recorder.
No adware, spyware or malware
Simkl protects and maintains your online security and peace of mind. This means that it will not display unwanted and intrusive advertising, or allow any malware or spyware to operate in Simkl IM CVR.
Easy way to monitor Skype conversations.
Track customer conversations with sales/support.
Using Simkl IM CVR you could:
- Resolve customer disputes,
- Improve customer service,
- Access chat history out of the office,
- Analyze employee productivity
  and improve the quality of work,
- Find or check the leak .

Sign up now and try it out >
Automatic Skype Recording.
Runs in the background and does all the work for you.
- Records Skype text messages
- Records all Skype calls
- Software based for Windows
- Free Cloud Storage for text messages
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Unlimited free basic service.
Free 7-day premium trial.
No credit card required.
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