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ICQ Recorder
No software installation necessary.
Simkl can record ICQ messages on any computer
and almost from any device without the need
to install recording software.
     Works with:    
Affordable Solution for ICQ Archiving.
Chat history in a cloud with instant access.
Free 14 day trial, then starting as low as $2 a month for the premium cloud storage.

Capture, save, and read ICQ text messages just as you do your emails. Work on multiple computers or other devices and have combined history. If you loose your computer your chat history will still be with you.

Sign up and you will have easy access to your IM conversations from any computer using our online history viewer located at
Easy way to monitor ICQ messenger.
Using Simkl ICQ Recorder you could:
- Resolve customer disputes,
- Improve customer service,
- Access chat history out of the office,

- Analyze employee productivity
  and improve the quality of work,
- Find or check the leak .

Sign up now and try it out >
Monitor conversations on the network.
Keep your ICQ chat history in the cloud.
Automatic ICQ Recording.
Always runs in the background and does all the work for you.
- Records ICQ text messages
- Proxy based, no software install
- Works almost on any device
- Combined history, full-text search
- View history online at
- Free 14 day trial
  Featured in:  


We have successfully tested Simkl History Saver
for compatibility with such ICQ messengers:

  • iChat - for Mac OS X
  • ICQ 98,ICQ 99,ICQ 2000,ICQ 2001,ICQ 2002,ICQ 2003, ICQ5, ICQ6, ICQ7
  • Digsby IM
  • QIP 2005, QIP Infium, QIP PDA
  • Miranda IM
  • Pidgin, foremely GAIM
  • Centericq
  • Trillian 2, Trillian 3, Trillian Astra
  • Adium, Fire- for Mac OS X
  • Climm - Linux, BSD, AIX, HPUX, Windows, AmigaOS, BeOS
  • ysmICQ - Linux, Windows, BSD, BeOS, QNX, Irix, Solaris, SunOS, OS/2
    Ayttm - Linux, FreeBSD, Windows
  • Licq - for GNU/Linux, FreeBSD
  • Sim-IM, Kopete - for GNU/Linux, FreeBSD
  • MIP IM, gsICQ, mChat, Jimm and IM+ for mobile devices (on port 3128)
  • ICQ vkontakte
  • Android ICQ: Asia IM, Jasmine IM


Unlimited free basic service.
Free 7-day premium trial.
No credit card required.
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